About Us

our mission
We endeavor to provide a marriage of the best local talent with the best local cuisine at the best local venues in Oswego and its surrounding areas; giving our distinguished guests a multi-media, interactive dinner theater experience.


who we are
A talented team of local actors, directors and producers with over 20 combined years of theatre experience - with a passion for the performing arts and our community. 


what we do

We bring the world of theatre to your establishment and create a synergy  between our world - and what we do best - creating theatre - and your world - and what you do best - creating culinary magic; to provide a dinner theatre experience your patrons won’t soon forget!

Below: Our first promo video... courtesy of Production by Ronnie Lee Castle / iREEL Productions... The official production house for all things TDJ! We love it! We hope you do too!!!! Feel free to like & share!!!!!