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Matthew Gordon ( Actor )

Matthew Gordon as Dasher / The Eight: Reindeer Monolgues

*First reindeer. From day one. 'Number one from day one.'

*Upon his graduation from the Reindeer Military Academy, Dasher was recruited to be captain of The Eight at the ripe young age of seventeen. 

*Still a bachelor, Dasher is most commonly found at the North Pole running various boot camps and training seminars for reindeer, humans and elves alike.

A relatively new face to the CNY theater scene is Matthew Gordon (Dasher).  United States Marine turned thespian, Matthew has been in six shows with the Oswego Players.  This is Matthew’s first show with Theater DuJour and first time working with Director Jordan Westfall.  He has been married to his lovely wife for 11 years and has three gorgeous children.  Matthew’s goal is to support his Veteran and God given family; his dream is to do it through acting.