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Derek Potocki ( Actor 2017 )

You may have enjoyed Derek as Jethro in "The Hilarious Hillbilly Massacre" earlier this month for TDJ!

Derek Potocki is a SALT and SAMMY nominated performer and is thrilled to be in this hilarious play with this amazing cast and crew. Derek is a veteran of the entertainment scene, having done short films, television and theater for several years. Derek is the lead vocalist in the 80's supergroup Pop Rox and has toured the world as a sports entertainer. Derek does fight/stunt choreography for many productions as well. He was last seen as the lead in "12 Angry Men", Melvin/Toxic in "The Toxic Avenger Musical", and Darth Vader in "Star Wars The Musical". Derek can next be seen in something awesome and would like to thank his friends and family who have supported him throughout the years.