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Julia Preston-Fulton ( Actor 2018 )

Julia had taken some time off from acting with Theatre Du Jour to visit her family in New Orleans, Louisiana. While down there, unable to keep her creativity at bay, she started working with NOLA Voice Theater as a sound artist for their live-action radio shows! With the heat and humidity finally getting to her, Julia returned to New York this past January. She was eager to audition for Noir Suspicious and is thrilled to be playing our femme fatal. Julia would like to thank her fellow actors for the welcoming comradery and teamwork, her stage manager, Tammy, for keeping everyone in line (even the director), Theatre Du Jour herself, Tammy Wilkinson, for providing such a great opportunity for local actors to grow and showcase their talents, and Director Sherri Metz for always providing guidance and encouraging creativity in her actors. Enjoy the show, everyone!