Murder at the Prom

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Murder at the Prom
by Peter DePietro
Directed by Sherri L. Metz

"Wonderful and exhilarating. The funniest interactive theatre I have ever experienced." - The Post Star

Stroll down the lane that love paved as you and your sweetheart attend the high school senior prom. You'll bask in the glory of your recent varsity victory and cheer as the king and queen of the prom are selected from among the guests. But beware! Glory days soon turn into gory days as one among you is murdered, then another. Gee whiz, not even Carrie was this treacherous. The list of suspects includes class snobs Charles Jonathan Edward Buckley III and Margot Ralston, the class outcast Patty Primpinpoof, and a couple from the wrong side of the tracks, Vinnie DiMici and Bella Baloopi. Vinnie and Bella are always making a scene. This year Bella insisted on coming to the prom, even though she is "in the family way," or is that a bomb she has hidden under her gown? Attend the prom and find out the answer, along with whodunit.