Bullets For Broadway - David Landau - Directed by Derek Potocki 
August 13th & 15th - The Art Loft (171 W 1st Street, Oswego, NY)

Please be prepared to read cold from the script and sing 16 bars of your favorite song

A sort of sequel to 
The Altos, although no knowledge of the first play is required.  Gangster Tony Alto & his wife Toffee are back, in a story that answers the question, what would happend if the Sopranos met The Producers. Toffee wants to be a Broadway star and Tony needs to "clean" some money. So he has hired two producers to mount a hit musical - "The Mafia Queen" - starring Toffee. The only catch - the show must be sold out opening night and get great reviews, no matter what it costs - or else! Leave it to Baxter Mallystock and his playwright partner Eli Blain. You're invited to the party after opening night to revile as the reviews come in, along with the FBI and a few stray bullets. It's a brand new evening of Mystery, Comedy, Music and great Food which just goes to prove that sometimes when people say they're going to make a hit, they mean it!

BAXTER MALLENSTOCK – Producer of the new Broadway musical, The Mafia Queen

ELI BLAIN – Naïve composer/lyricist/book writer of the musical
TONY ALTO – Gangster who is the sole backer of the musical
TOFFEE ALTO – Gangster’s wife who is the star of the musical
ABIGAIL MULDER – FBI agent, under cover as a chorus girl, trying to build a case against Tony
BERNIE BROADHURST – Pretentious actor who plays the “Tony” part in the musical and is having a affair with Toffee – using her for her money. (Same actor as TONY)
MIMI SHERATON – Wealthy patron of the arts, Broadway investor and gossip columnist
THUG - same actor as ELI